Technical equipment


Easy3DCinema is a product based on linear polarization. The image is projected by two synchronized projectors. The actual medium, which is projecting the film, is a computer with special software. This software was developed specifically for Easy3DCinema use and is protected by copyright laws. If you purchase the Easy3DCinema set, you will be granted a lifetime license for one computer terminal for a predetermined number of viewers.

Special 3D filters are installed in front of the projectors and they transfer the projection into the required 3D format.


The image itself is projected onto a special polarization 3D screen 266.7 × 150 cm (8.75 × 45.75 ft) with aspect ratio 16:9. The screen includes a special layer sprayed on a hard board installed in a frame. Another option is to add a special blue light behind the screen for better definition of the resolution.

The projection can only be watched with 3D glasses. Our complete Easy3DCinema set comes with a standard 100 pairs of glasses. More glasses can be ordered from us or directly from any 3D glasses producer. Unit price ranges around 2 EUR.


Easy3DCinema audio system is based on a four-channel sound reproduction (six-channel upon request) with a subwoofer. It also includes an amplifier and 5 speakers for the sound of the highest quality.


"I didn't think a 3D cinema may perform so well in our little town."
Josef Kachlik, manager, ZOO Vyskov
"I have never even dreamed of a 3D cinema in our Dinopark."
Kristian Hucko, manager, Dinopark Bratislava